Sewer Scope Inspection

All waste that leaves your home or house plumbing systems goes through a sewer line all the way to a septic or sewage line. The sewer line typically run through the yards underground system connecting it to city main sewer line or directs the waste to your septic. If something goes wrong with your sewer line, it might be hard and expensive for you to fix it. That is the reason you need to have a sewer scope inspection before investing in your new home.

What is a sewer scope inspection?

Sewer scope inspection is the use of digital imagery done through sewer live video inspection to identify problems in the sewer line. Professional plumbing company uses the system to get sewer line pictures of the real state of the sewer line. The pricing of a sewer scope inspection varies depending on the accessibility of the sewer line. If the sewer scope inspection requires two plumbers, then the price will be higher than an open sewer line inspection.

Should I get a sewer scope inspection?

As a homeowner, you need to be careful and cautious about the state of your sewer line. If you bought an old home, mainly if the house was built in the 1950s, you need to consider contracting sewer scope inspection. Those old home used sewer lines that were made of clay, and by the time they may crack. That might lead to a sewer blockage or sewer line burst. Imagine all the waste spreading on your home yard? It would be nasty. Right? So, to avoid that, you will need to hire a sewer scope inspection ASAP!

If you are planning on buying a home that has a sewer line, then you need a sewer scope inspection. Many real estate agents will rush their clients so that they do not incur the extra costs like sewer line inspection costs. So, be aware that some home uses old and risky sewer line, so it is recommended that you ask for sewer scope inspection before purchasing the home.

At times homeowners take shortcuts and hire a plumber who does not use sewer scope inspection to check their sewer line. The plumbers come with outdated heavy equipment and tools which they use to remove the materials that cover the sewer line to reveal the problem. This, in turn, leaves the homeowner with costs of remodeling and landscaping. For you to avoid the extra cost, you will need experts who use the sewer scope services to inspect your sewer line and be precise on the sewer line area that has the problem. Also, the specialists come with lighter and powerful equipment that they use to repair the sewer line.

Doctor J’s Home Inspections – Sewer Scope Inspection

The sewer scope inspection is a powerful yet neglected way of inspecting a sewer line and evaluating its condition. When buying a home or have a property that requires a sewer line prognosis, Doctor J’s Home Inspections – Sewer Scope Inspection is here to offer you the help you need. They assess the sewer line condition and give you the results so that you can take action on the dangerous situation that would lead to a disaster.